Tuesday, 3 April 2012

You and your Soul

Last Sunday, we attended the Mass and it was Palm Sunday. The Priest's Homily or message was like this.. He encouraged  all believer that to go on process of preparation of the Holy week, we must be clean. and one way to be clean is to go Confession..Which is true.. The first step in cleaning our soul is to ask forgiveness to the one we hurts, but the most is to ask forgiveness to your own self and our soul..

Sometimes we take for granted our self, we abused,restless and distress it refers to our human body..that need to be nourished,feed,sleep,bathed,beautify  and clothed and many others.. 

But in terms of inner body...means our soul.. 
We much go for confession for to clear everything what is inside us and bothered us.
Soul cleansing sometimes blocked by pride,greedy,shyness,dullness or lack of faith.
Even we say we forgive those who forsake us, but still remain the hurts and wounds made by that person.

I asked myself on this issue...for how many times, I already forgive the person who really hurts  me and make my life in to shamed. I already forgive them, but the scars was still there,that sometimes just be blinked into my mind and refresh everything what is passed. So easy to say to forgive but hard to accept the reality that they hurt you for so many times. 

But looking back of what the Son of God the father did for all the sinners. I know my suffering is only less than 1% of what he did.This will be my guidance to considered my suffering.God please accept me and I return to you because I am a sinner.        

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