Thursday, 12 April 2012

"A Gift of Blood is a Gift of Life"

"A Gift of Blood is a Gift of Life"
this marked was printed on my Philippine National Red Cross- Donor's Membership Card my last donation was Dec.3,2010 and yet not to make even once last year 2011.

Just do hope I can manage my schedules this year and I can also make visit again in PNRC anytime with full condition body and health , and be a qualify Blood Donor again.

I was encourage to make it now or as much as possible.. Early  morning today, I received a message from my High School Batch mate- asking favor if she can get my Land line number because she want to talk with me.. It's not usual someone who don't make constant communication or did not always keep in touch suddenly will call in that early morning time.So I gave her my contacts and asking why and what is her concern. I did not wait for her call I called her up and she says "She would like to ask some favor from me,because her co -employee's wife needed a 3 bags of blood.." I was touched that she could remember me that I have my PNRC Cards.. I check it quickly on my Wallet if my cards have left un-withdrawn of my previous donors. Luckily I have 1 bag left, she will get the card anytime today because the patient's needed it badly very they will search more 2 bags on other people.

I just want to share this. PNRC Cards or Blood Card is very much help in seeking bloods..Even the PNRC says they don't have stock on what blood you have been needed they will find ways if you have card to present on them that show you have un withdrawn .More advantage to have a Blood card..Hope you can own one, just encouragement.    

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