Saturday, 31 March 2012

Durian Fruit

  Durian fruit is my favorite fruit,specially when I am tried..It can give you energy..more than taking energy drink...but it is not advisable for person having hypertension.. This photo was taken on visiting a newly wed friends..they served this very creamy and can add life to restless people.:))
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    1. Hi Harun Ar!

      How are you today?
      Hope you will like the taste of durian..That's one of my favorite fruit :)
      Good for the health specially for aspirants as blood donors..

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    1. Yes Super Yummy!!
      This durian is very creamy and will melt on to your tongue..craving again with durian..huh

  3. I never try fresh Durian because I can't take the odor of it makes me puke but I love the Durian candy because it doesn't smell so bad like the fresh one :-)

  4. Thanks to

    Harun Ar and Cheekeegirl

    To: Snapsam--

    Try to eat the fresh durian..You can get more nutrients benefits..
    Might someday you are one of my competitor in eating fresh durian heheheh

  5. Mmmm durian..yummy... i want some siz :)
    im very like durian especially monthong..hmmmm super duper yummy

    1. Hi Setiyo!!

      WOw you like durian too!!
      sometimes we have durian party here...just we eat in the stall with group of friends..Very enjoy moments part of our bonding.


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