Monday, 23 September 2013

Healthy diet and regimen vs Blood Donor

It's more than a year of being active in Health Studio and doing Zumba Fitness almost everyday.

My Ideal weight is almost reach...I began last year weight 69kls  and now I maintain in 60 kls.. in the height of 5'2 inches. But according to my trainer my ideal weight is 54 to 57kls. Well for me now, I do look good for 60kls LOL... I'm not so ambitious to reach my ideal weight because I might look like zombies or not healthy anymore. In short not pretty anymore hehehehe.

I just want to share this because ...For the past years and up to this year I am not anymore qualified as Blood donor.. Due to my hemoglobin is only enough for myself. This is the most depressing moment for how many times I tried to donate blood but still not passing for the requirements. But I am not anemic.

The most common denominator is Diet and Gym active... being fit and reaching ideal weight... I am doing my diet and regular exercise to maintain my weight...But in the other way I am not avail to be a blood donor anymore. Its because I don't have more hemoglobin but only enough for me.

I also asked my co Gym mates-Ladies...They also experiencing same as I am.
When they are more than of their ideal weights they are able to qualified as blood donor.Since they also reached their ideal weight or closely to ideal weight, they cannot pass as blood donor also.

I do hope in Male gym active they can still be a blood donor.Positively.    
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