Thursday, 26 April 2012

My 4 Magnificent Blogsites :)

Hello my Friends and Visitors!!!

I think, most of you wonder about my 4 accounts or 4 Blogs…. J 
Now you will know the reasons:
These 4 blogs was made due to my unknowing in the world of blogging or lack of knowledge, I admit…. JJ J
 My first and original blog account is
“ The Life in every moment” I expressed what’s on my mind and thoughts. I considered as my Daily diary…

But one time, I am planning to post another “Post “ but was click the  New Blog again unknowing I made New post  in a  “New Blog ” Titled “ The Blood Donor” I want to share about the Life of being Blood Donor and people who need your blood, like my Special Friend who already at heaven.  

And my 3rd one is “The Flowergirl Artist”  I want to share my life as an Artist or flower arranger.. and other related to my crafts.

 And the 4th one is “Flowergirl Crafts” I want to share my designs and my personal touch of nature.
Hence, I did not know that New Post and New Blog is different.. JJJ
And soon I made some other topics posted in New Post not on New Blog.. I already know now what ‘s the difference between the two. J

 When I told and share to my friend that I did 4 blogs…She was amazed and that I did 4 blogs in the same time.. I Just did and smiled … But later on I realized that New Post and new Blog is different.. Now you know how stupid I am hahahaha.

Well, in the first place I feel sad cause I’m not so positive that I can make it cause I am new in blog world.. Sad, but don’t have any regrets , Cause I did my very best to make it updated and well maintained. Well as can you see..It really works!

If you can hit me, you can have my support through my 4 Blogs.
Now you know..Being stupid sometimes have a great and fruitful favor.

So enjoy viewing my  4 blogs:
The Life in every moment –
The Flowergirl Artist-
Flowergirl Crafts-

Good Luck to all Bloggers and Advertisers!!!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Greetings ***

Hello my Blogger Friends !!!

Have a nice weekend. Will visit you all very soon after my motherhood assignments..
Warmest regards


Thursday, 12 April 2012

"A Gift of Blood is a Gift of Life"

"A Gift of Blood is a Gift of Life"
this marked was printed on my Philippine National Red Cross- Donor's Membership Card my last donation was Dec.3,2010 and yet not to make even once last year 2011.

Just do hope I can manage my schedules this year and I can also make visit again in PNRC anytime with full condition body and health , and be a qualify Blood Donor again.

I was encourage to make it now or as much as possible.. Early  morning today, I received a message from my High School Batch mate- asking favor if she can get my Land line number because she want to talk with me.. It's not usual someone who don't make constant communication or did not always keep in touch suddenly will call in that early morning time.So I gave her my contacts and asking why and what is her concern. I did not wait for her call I called her up and she says "She would like to ask some favor from me,because her co -employee's wife needed a 3 bags of blood.." I was touched that she could remember me that I have my PNRC Cards.. I check it quickly on my Wallet if my cards have left un-withdrawn of my previous donors. Luckily I have 1 bag left, she will get the card anytime today because the patient's needed it badly very they will search more 2 bags on other people.

I just want to share this. PNRC Cards or Blood Card is very much help in seeking bloods..Even the PNRC says they don't have stock on what blood you have been needed they will find ways if you have card to present on them that show you have un withdrawn .More advantage to have a Blood card..Hope you can own one, just encouragement.    

Monday, 9 April 2012

New Life and New Monday

Somehow, I also spent my Holy week in our home with my husband and daughter..We simply celebrate the Holy Thursday staying in the house and did some sacrificed for not doing the very eager to do the surfing, not to eat our fave foods and no meat until Black Saturday..My husband cooked benignit last friday for our mild food and I cooked beans with tuna just to sustained our health needs. We also attended Church activities with my Hubby and daughter.And our last activity was last saturday evening we attended the Easter Vigil..We also practiced all this every year.

I am so happy for all the messages I received during my personal reflection.personal talked with my creator. I know God is always with me throughout this moment of my life...

I am so blessed with my new life, new hope and a new beggining and new monday.. I do hope still I can survive what ever and come what may..I am still be me with the Love of my creator..

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

You and your Soul

Last Sunday, we attended the Mass and it was Palm Sunday. The Priest's Homily or message was like this.. He encouraged  all believer that to go on process of preparation of the Holy week, we must be clean. and one way to be clean is to go Confession..Which is true.. The first step in cleaning our soul is to ask forgiveness to the one we hurts, but the most is to ask forgiveness to your own self and our soul..

Sometimes we take for granted our self, we abused,restless and distress it refers to our human body..that need to be nourished,feed,sleep,bathed,beautify  and clothed and many others.. 

But in terms of inner body...means our soul.. 
We much go for confession for to clear everything what is inside us and bothered us.
Soul cleansing sometimes blocked by pride,greedy,shyness,dullness or lack of faith.
Even we say we forgive those who forsake us, but still remain the hurts and wounds made by that person.

I asked myself on this issue...for how many times, I already forgive the person who really hurts  me and make my life in to shamed. I already forgive them, but the scars was still there,that sometimes just be blinked into my mind and refresh everything what is passed. So easy to say to forgive but hard to accept the reality that they hurt you for so many times. 

But looking back of what the Son of God the father did for all the sinners. I know my suffering is only less than 1% of what he did.This will be my guidance to considered my suffering.God please accept me and I return to you because I am a sinner.        
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