Monday, 9 April 2012

New Life and New Monday

Somehow, I also spent my Holy week in our home with my husband and daughter..We simply celebrate the Holy Thursday staying in the house and did some sacrificed for not doing the very eager to do the surfing, not to eat our fave foods and no meat until Black Saturday..My husband cooked benignit last friday for our mild food and I cooked beans with tuna just to sustained our health needs. We also attended Church activities with my Hubby and daughter.And our last activity was last saturday evening we attended the Easter Vigil..We also practiced all this every year.

I am so happy for all the messages I received during my personal reflection.personal talked with my creator. I know God is always with me throughout this moment of my life...

I am so blessed with my new life, new hope and a new beggining and new monday.. I do hope still I can survive what ever and come what may..I am still be me with the Love of my creator..

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