Saturday, 24 March 2012

Simple Wish

For the past days I am so preoccupied with my personal activities specially on my daughter.I need to attend everything for her graduation..

It is hard for a working mother..I have to do everything..House chores because I have no house assistant or house help..

I decided to take a few days of VL or Vacation leave on my work.. Vacation leave is part of my great benefit in the company I presently connected.

I observed, I can't concentrate on my job due to preoccupied mind.Can't concentrate on it.
so I decided to avail my benefit because I did not consume my VL for my previous years due to hectic schedule.But now, I need to avail and enjoy for it as a normal employee..I need also to relax and unwind myself.Specially this month..

And I also want to take more time on my family and my self. I want to be alone some times specially I'm getting older now..I mean in a few days I will have an additional year to my life or age.

My birthday is coming very soon..I want to make it simple..No big celebrate..I want a time to relax and personal Holiday for myself..If possible I will not cook for that day and will not do the house chores hehehe..

Just a wish..A simple wish from a celebrant.

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