Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Just remembered a Special friend,Every time the month of March arrives... She is excited to mention my natal day..She is more willing to discuss and more often to mention what is our plan for the coming celebration.But now that she is gone,I am missing her most especially on the first day of March.How I wish I could hold on the days that we are together and spend more time to be funny and enjoy the moments. I just wish that she will  still planning on my special day and she will be with me on that day,that's only a Wish...But my prayers for her that she will be on peace and resting with so much love with our creator. Missing you sister in blood.


Hi The Blood Donor's Friends!!!

Welcome to my site and feel free to say your thoughts.
I'm be glad that you are here and stay awhile.

Please visit more often..

Thank You!!!

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