Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Blood Donor Aspirants much have a healthy life style.

If possible no vices..So you can donate healthy blood to someone in need.

Got enough sleep and  rest in 7 to 8 hours daily..Specially during the week you wish to donate..

Have Normal on Blood pressure, maintain blood sugar level, not anemic.

Healthy in and out!

Take more fluids - water and fresh fruit juice and Vitamins to sustain your body needs.

Stress Free,Please.

No medicines intake or maintenance for ill.

Aspirants should be positive that he or she will pass all Pre-laboratory test as donor.

Your Blood today might help those ill now, and if they survive and healed...

Might this person help our coming generation.

I believe it is a chain reaction....

Good luck Aspirants!!!

Be a Blood Donor Now!


Hi The Blood Donor's Friends!!!

Welcome to my site and feel free to say your thoughts.
I'm be glad that you are here and stay awhile.

Please visit more often..

Thank You!!!

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