Thursday, 2 August 2012

Friday, Lunch Out!

Friday, Lunch Out!!

I know that every Employee had a regular lunch break time for only 1 hour. But last Friday I had a surprised invitation for Lunch. My classmate in Elementary she already based in Japan for long years. She already had 2 kids. Boy and Girl. She’s been here for vacation in Davao City.

Back to our Lunch date I really amazed and grateful to meet a friend after 29 years I know you can count on how old I am now hehehe .But I am so proud to say my age, I am already 41 years old. Our food- Tuna Belly Inihaw (Grilled),Fresh Tuna Kinilaw, Sizzling Sea foods, Chopsuey (mixed Veggies with sea foods) and Fresh Mango shake. We ate at Yellow Finn Seafoods and Restaurant.If you will visit Davao City don't miss this place.Their Specialty is Grealess Chicken, Tuna Buntot Adobo,all kinds of seafoods ,crabs,squids,prawns and so many to mentioned.They serve Lutong bahay taste and prices are very affordable.Telephone Nos. 082-297-8777 and 082-298-0299.

We ordered Food almost sea foods because she really missed our fresh Sea foods and the price is not high compared to Japan.   

Cheka and talking of what happen after our graduation and where about. I am so glad knowing her life. Even in a very short of time spending with her and with our common friends we are 4 actually the two ladies are from our High School links. We did a great lunch out and memorable one.

All I can say time is so precious.

To my Elementary Classmate seeing me, after 29years Best wishes and Good luck and more blessings to come my Friend Jeanette N. Hasegawa!!!

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