Tuesday, 26 June 2012

"On July 20,2012 "

Since last year I am wishing to have a good health always so that I can make donate again my blood to PNRC – Philippine National Red Cross. Especially now, that so many patients in Dengue needed blood for transfusion in one patient can consume more or less 5 bags, not counting the patients who undergo operations that needed blood transfusion. 

But sad to say time goes by my health did not meet to be qualified. I was so pre occupied with my personal life, to my Husband and daughter .then lately to my family and sister who loss her husband last month. I did not make myself healthy enough to be a blood donor. Sometimes even we made our plans but if it is not God’s plan we can do nothing on it. So, let God plan our life and we are only the doer.
Last week I read the Company Memo and Announcement for our coming Blood Donor Schedule and New Guidelines for prospect donors. It is very informative and applicable to anybody who’s very willing to donate their blood.

And I am here again, wishing and wishing again that I can do it by July 20 next month. I am now preparing myself for that day. I hope I am one of the qualifying. It’s been almost 2yrs I did not make it.   Hoping to cope up those years and months passed away I did not accomplish my mission and wishes. Hoping again I can make it this year, Hopefully with God’s graces.  

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