Saturday, 5 May 2012

Amplaya - Bitter Melon

This photo was taken on my kitchen and I cooked this for our breakfast with matching fried rice,fried chicken/fish and coffee my hubby and me has already a complete early meal.
Amplaya is One of my favorite vegetable- Ampalaya  rich in iron that good for the blood donor, potassium to give you energy and protection on your bone,Amplaya also can cure and control inflation of blood sugar,food supplement, can also apply on open wounds like Malunggay..And Now I have learned that Ampalaya is not only for Diabetics but also helps in weight control,cholesterol,high blood,arthritis and pimple and acne.Ampalaya is one of the best herb.


  1. my kids and I love ampalaya, especially sauteed in egg and tomatoes, lol!

  2. Glad and very good to hear from you Kim.Hope you will continue to read my blog..Thank you and good health


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