Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sister's in Blood

Sometime in 2005, it came into my life one lady who really touched my life and she make me as me now.She's been a big part in life.We are not connected as relative but we are more than a family or sisters..She traits me as her younger friend and later on we became friends, we can say anything we would like to discuss, everything!

I love to say some issues or words that she is not used to say..and we will just laughed and enjoy the moment.We shared foods because she love to taste new endorsed foods..Some are good and some not. We shared everything.She is so thoughtful, loving and frank. She is a kind of person that she will always go with the right and correct ways.She is a kind of person that really identified the black from white and white from black.

One day she need a blood donors for some problem in blood functions.. Did not come in my thoughts that we are in same blood type and RH..But, We are compatible in blood, it really matched! She started her blood transfusion since 2005 up to 2010..Sometimes as her regular blood donor, I will be failed in pretest of PNRC..I was so disappointed every time I will not passed and be qualified as donor. But when I am qualified being a donor,it really make me feel heaven and receiving an achievement..Thanks to God for many times I was qualified and helped her.

Last Oct.2,2010 her older Brother address me as Sister's in Blood..I was so touched by then...I did not think of having sister even we are not family related. And I also have her family too,they accept me as part of their family...How I am blessed to have this people.

Even She is gone.And already embraced the Heaven with our creator..She will remain in my heart..And I know she is always with me. May you rest in peace my Special Friend, My Mentor and my Sister in Blood.Missing you.. 

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